Monday, April 23, 2012

A Short But Not So Sweet Letter

Here is a copy of the letter that I just fired off to my Conservative Member of Parliament, David Sweet:

Dear Mr. Sweet,

Although I am sure you are only too aware of the hypocrisy involved, it seems more than passing strange that your government should suddenly cancel the Katimavik program, leaving in the lurch young people who had opted for the program over university next fall ( ), ostensibly in the name of austerity, while your International Development Minister, Bev Oda, has no compunction about profligately spending the taxpayers’ money for her own comfort (

Any thoughts on the matter, or should I just rely on the usual spin your government puts on all of its embarrassments?


Lorne Warwick


  1. Forget about it.

    There is nothing that will change this, except for:
    ---more Canadians getting out to vote for someone other than CON
    ---a general wave of disgust in the populace
    ---sheep waking up from their hockey games and CDN Idol
    ---other events to help the country veer from our current rightward turn

    Other than that, my heart goes out to the Katimavik kids who were about to get their unpaid goodwill education and who now will be sleeping in their folks' basements and hanging out at malls.

    I have first-hand experience with this group. Grounded life-skills is what they got from Katimavik.

    Way to go, CON's.

  2. I'll be surprised if you receive an answer. I don't think he cares. But good on you for writing. It's a good template for all us to use when writing to our local MP.

  3. He has 3 choices: 1: ignore your letter, 2. does not do anything other than acknowledge your letter. 3. act on your comment. Personally, I do not think your letter will even get to his hand. Your letter does not go to him directly, does it. His assistant will get it and read it and more likely file it under G (for Garbage).

  4. Jymn and Tom,

    I think you are right. Sweet used to respond to my emails until I sent one questioning his integrity for aiding and abetting the death of thousands in the developing world through the government's export of death, aka asbestos.

    Nonetheless, in intercepting my letter, perhaps his office staff will begin to realize the kind of person they are working for, if they don't already know it.