Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sometimes, All We Can Do Is Bear Witness

What is the truth about Don Dunphy? I don't know. But his story is surely worth sharing, given the terrible abuses of police authority that have been so much in the news these past several years. At the very least, a full and open investigation is warranted here:


  1. Thanks for showing this Lorne. I find the political and police response to Dunphy's tweet very disturbing. The fact that he was shot and killed is like something out of Stalinist Russia or Hitlers Germany. The powers that be both politically and with the police are strangely disconnected to the seriousness of what has been done to Dunphy.There's a provincial election coming up in NL. Needless to say I don't think the CONs will be reelected. Definitely there should be an outside investigation.

    1. The circumstances of his death seem quite murky, Pamela. Without a full and open investigation, it is likely to remain very suspicious indeed in the minds of many. In this age when so much video has exposed so much abuse, people are right to call into question deaths at the hands of police.