Monday, April 13, 2015

Truer Words.....

Can't disagree with this:

H/t The Knowledge Movement


  1. While he was referring to his own nation's conservative movement and its various arms, it fits equally well with Harper and his CPC and its hard core followers, especially the western ones (aka the old hard core Reformers who were more about separation and alienation than simply the west wants in, and they were always a major force within that Reform movement/party). It was in part learning how to write/fight against the forces of Bullshit Mountain on American forums/blogs from the mid to late 90s onwards that helped prepare me for this past decade of hell, and one of the reasons I deliberately chose to stay with my long form argument style, because by making my contexts obvious I made it far harder for the members to miscast and misrepresent what I said without it being obvious to those not already on Bullshit Mountain already and therefore unreachable with truth/reality.

    Harper clearly was influenced by the success of the GOP in the 90s onwards and wanted to use their tools to replicate that power building and consolidation here. We have seen this to be absolutely the case in rhetoric, policies, and tools used to corrupt our political and electoral processes. I therefore see absolutely nothing wrong with taking a page from his own book and using the Stewart Bullshit Mountain concept as a valid critique of Harper and his own machine, since it is built on the same foundations and I suspect with a lot of the same funding sources that created the American movement that has been so named.

    1. I completely agree, Scotian. The kind of ideology pilloried by Stewart does not respect national borders. It also put me of mind of the Mike Harris years here in Ontario, when they were taking advice from Republican strategist Mike Murphy, who had succeeded in getting Christine Whitman elected as the Republican governor of New jersey. In fact, Harris cribbed many of her reactionary policies and slogans.


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