Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Putting Things Into Perspective

H/t The Chronicle Herald


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    1. Maybe we sometimes make things too complicated, Salamander. This cartoon probably reaches people in a more visceral and succinct way than most words.

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    1. That it does, Mound; that it does.

  3. Love me my Chronicly Horrid (local nickname), one of the last relatively independent newspapers out there as I understand it. That pic shows it all, and one might also say that it shows the priorities of the Harper government here is the true "Nepalling" act, to use some rather morbid and lets face it biting humour on a tragedy both there and in Ottawa as shown by this editorial cartoon.

    1. The power of a good editorial cartoon is immense, in my view, Scotian.

    2. No arguments here. I may not be the most visual person myself, and I know I am rather verbose and value the written/spoken word a great deal, yet the power of a one panel editorial cartoon to go to the heart of serious political and/or social issues can not be overstated in my view. Given how much over the time of the Harperium the Chronicle Herald has improved in quality of national coverage and being a real and trustable journalist source I have got to figure out a better nick, because these days it is anything but chronicly horrid anymore. Indeed, the amount of times over this majority where news has broken from the CH and made national news has amazed me, and made me more than a little proud of my hometown paper of record. At least the legacy of Joseph Howe has not been totally lost here, even if it does feel that way throughout so much of Canada in the Harperium!

    3. In my neck of the woods, Scotian, The Toronto Star, which you may have noticed I am particularly fond of, fills a similar vital role.

    4. Nah, never noticed that a all, you have been far too subtle and timid in your showing of such for any reasonable minded person to ever have gotten that impression...LOL