Thursday, April 16, 2015


It seems that a candidate for Alberta's Wildrose party, Rick Strankman, has made a bit of a faux pas, one that he blames, as politicians are wont to do, on a volunteer:
A Wildrose candidate was forced to apologize and retract a poster Thursday that called on party supporters to bring their wives’ pies to a meet-and-greet.

The poster encouraged constituents in Drumheller-Stettler to attend an “old fashioned pie auction” next week and “BYWP (Bring Your Wife’s Pie!!)”

Meanwhile, rumours abound that Strankman has hired a new campaign manager:


  1. It ain't no 'white supremacy' or 'lake o' fire' moment, but they're getting there. Go Wildrose!

    1. We can, I'm sure, expect much more as the campaign heats up, Anon.

  2. OK Lorne I'm from BC is there something Albertan about BYWP or about the idea of this kind of fundraiser. None of us around here get the reason the candidate had to apologize?

    1. Whether a valid objection or a political correctness carp, Norm, the ad raised the ire of many who objected to the stereotypical assumption that woman are still the chief bottle-washers, bakers of goods, and
      'domestic engineers,' as they used to be described, standing behind their men.

    2. What a bunch of baloney. I can cook but my wife is better at it. Under the circumstances we put our best foot forward and that would be her.
      I would suggest that 95 % of men couldn't produce a pie worth a damn and would buy one.
      If this is the level of as you put it "political correctness" we've got lots of problems.
      Interesting to see Wildrose position in the polls, the Albertans must be really mad at Prentice and Smith.
      Doesn't bode well for Trudeau and his fawning over Adams.
      This political correctness makes one wonder about the Alberta Human Rights Commission and the Muslim kids at the secular school in Calgary.

    3. What is especially interesting to me, here, Norm, is the way the politicians reacted: Strankman blamed it on an underling, and WildRose repudiated any association with the poster.

      So much for integrity, eh?