Wednesday, November 5, 2014

UPDATED: Stephen Harper And Dean Del Mastro: The Bromance Continues

I think this video amply illustrates their relationship:

UPDATE: How surprising - despite his continued proclamations of innocence, the big boy from Peterborough has resigned his seat. In what was described as an emotional announcement (is there any other kind when Harper's former parliamentary secretary speaks?) he articulated the 'noble' reason for his decision:
Del Mastro addressed some of his comments to Conservative Party MPs, [who were soon to begin voting on suspending him from the House] the party he was a part before he was charged in 2013. The party has been eager to distance itself from him since the guilty verdict.

"I told you that I would not put you in a position where you had to vote against me," he said.

"Stay united. I will not divide you. I will not be the one that divides you. I believe too much in what you do."
Oh, by the way, despite his conviction, he gets to keep his pension, which he will be eligible to begin drawing when he turns 55.


  1. Video no longer available apparently. Which one was it?

    "is there any other kind when any of Harper's former parliamentary secretaries speak?

    1. Hi Alison. Thanks for alerting me to the withdrawal of the video. It had to do with Thomas Mulcair in Question Period on Tuesday asking about a bill in committee, whose name I can't remember, that would remove the pension of MPs convicted of crimes. The Conservatives proposed an amendment that would except those convicted under the Elections Act. Of course, the only member that came to mind was Del Mastro. Harper answered with a non sequitor. I will try to track down another source for the video.