Friday, October 17, 2014

The Dangers Are Only Too Apparent And Predictable

I was taking a bit of a break from blogging today when this came up, a sobering object lesson in the environmental disasters that we flirt with on the West Coast:
A 135-metre container ship laden with bunker and diesel fuel is adrift off the west coast of Haida Gwaii, the Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Victoria is reporting.

The Russian container ship Simushir is about 25 kilometres off Tasu Sound, according to the centre.
The Council of Haida Nations has issued an emergency alert in case the ship makes landfall, in part because the ship is reportedly carrying 500 tonnes of bunker fuel and 60 tonnes of diesel.


  1. I just read about this, Lorne. There's a bitch of a gale blowing today and our power was down for a while. Last I heard the Simushir was just 15 kms. off the western shore of Haida Gwai.

    By the time the first Coast Guard ship arrives (at 9 o'clock tonight) the Russian ship is expected to be aground on the rocks. The only tugs capable of securing a large, heavily laden vessel are in Washington and, in stormy seas, it's a 2-3 day run for them to make Haida Gwai.

    1. That is very distressing news, Mound. Let us all hope for the best, although the prognosis sound very grim.