Thursday, July 17, 2014

UPDATE: Things Should Really Start To Get Interesting Now

As just reported by the CBC, the RCMP has decided to lay charges against disgraced Senator Mike Duffy. Let's hope the 'fat lady' sings loudly:

UPDATE: The Puffster is facing 31 charges.


  1. Is it mere coincidence that this comes the day after news that a Peruvian lady is suing the "fat lady" for failing to recognize her as his daughter?

    Should also be interesting to see what the "RConMP" alleges he has done that has merited these charges while insisting that Nigel Wright did not merit any charges for his role in reportedly trying to keep Duffy's alleged transgressions quiet by paying off $90K.

    Yep, I fully expect Duffy to sing like a canary, now that he could end up in jail. Hopefully, he will have the paper trail to back up his "songs", eh?

    1. I am thinking that a whole new career awaits The Puffster should he decide to draw upon his 'musical talents,' Anon.