Friday, July 11, 2014

Oh, And One More Thing

It seems I, Martin Regg Cohn and Cheri DiNovo aren't the only ones to take issue with Andrea Horwath's leadership these days:

Re:Horwath admits ‘bittersweet’ election result, July 9

I wonder what Robin Sears has to say about Cheri DiNovo. The day Andrea Horwath walked away from the Liberal budget I cancelled my membership in the Ontario NDP. This decision was not taken lightly. I worked in my first election in Grade 9 and was a member of the party for decades. When the famous letter of “the 34” was made public, I felt better. Others were also disappointed at the move away from core NDP values to populist austerity rhetoric.

Then, enter Robin Sears. He dismissed all of us as over-the-hill, negative and anti-party. And now we have Cheri DiNovo saying “we can’t ever give up our core values and principles.” I hope there are more like DiNovo and fewer like Sears in the party. If that proves to be the case I will return to the fold. I voted Liberal and I respect Kathleen Wynne but I am not a Liberal because I don’t share their core values and principles.

Peggy Stevens, Newmarket


  1. The Mound of SouindJuly 11, 2014 at 10:22 AM

    That pretty much encapsulates how I became a disaffected Lib. To me, the Liberals were the embodiment of Laurier, Pearson and Trudeau. These were people who had a vision for Canada, who saw the nation as greater than just its economy and saw our people as citizens, not merely taxpayers. These men saw the country as

    the future, not simply the present. They recognized the duty of one generation to the next, a duty to leave the country a better place than you found it.

    Today, on both sides of the House, we have a plague of petro-pols chasing windfall wealth from something we did not conceive or construct or grow. They do this heedless of the consequences for the world and future generations of Canadians.

    Grey suits stuffed with wet cardboard. What difference does it make whether they're Liberal or Tory or New Democrat?

    1. Your assessment is sadly accurate, Mound. When one cuts through all of the political verbiage, no party offers anything remotely akin to a principled platform.

  2. .. the Mound cut to the chase.. cardboard/wet sums it up..

    If my country.. Canada is dependant on the hysterics
    illusions, delusions & deceits of Harper et al
    I will eat my grandmothers roasting pot

  3. Let us hope for more from our fellow Canadians, Salamander. We can't let ourselves be defined by the likes of the Harper cabal.