Tuesday, July 22, 2014

No Shame, No Shame At All

There is no situation, however tragic, that Harper and his regime won't exploit for political advantage. I guess that comes as no surprise to anyone:

Be sure to check out the Conservative Party website for more evidence, as well as Alison's caricature at Creekside.


  1. It is worse than no shame. It is disgusting. Over 630 people have died, including 30 Israelis and over 600 Palestinians, mostly non combatants and civilians including children. And he uses it as an opportunity to fundraise? And Cons supporters are OK with it? No wonder they are called the Nasty Party by pundits (e,g, Hebert, Coyne).

    1. I've been thinking about the issue of Harper's base, Anon. I wonder if, in ramping up the rhetoric about their unequivocal support for Israel, the Harper regime has fallen into an almost stereotypical notion of its supporters. Rarely, if ever, are such supporters homogeneous. Perhaps Dear Leader will find, especially with the terrible imagery emerging from Gaza, that he has overplayed his hand and that many of the true blue will simply stay at home in the next election rather than endorse such extremism.

  2. Replying here as for some reason "Reply" doesn't work above.

    About the only good thing that can be said about the lack of spine by both the Liberals and the NDP in standing up for what the U.N. is now calling a possible commitment of war crimes in regard to the large number of non combatant civilian Palestinian deaths, and a very much smaller number (i.e. two) of civilian Israeli deaths, is that support for Israel is not even a wedge issue that Harper can exploit.

    The true blue Cons, I suspect, had already abandoned the Harper Party and are mostly supporting the Libs. Therefore, the only thing, I suspect that Harper will gain from this will be inflaming the passions of his Reformacon base and reminding them again that their only home is the Harper Party. And opening their wallets, which again would appear most disgusting for Harper to be fundraising on the backs of possible war crimes. Meanwhile, he stands the risk of losing the votes of some ignorant voters who might finally see through the one sided rhetoric coming from the Reformacons.

    The NDP, I think, also stands to lose support from its progressive base if it continues in its one sided support of the right of Israel to defend itself.

    Speaking about Israel's right to defend itself, I just came across this article which, if accurate, raises the question as to what rights Israel has to defend itself after having committed the acts described in this article: http://www.ifamericansknew.org/history/

    1. Thanks for the link and the comments, Anon, both of which made for some interesting reading.

      I suspect that the lack of spine shown by the opposition parties you refer to comes from their knowledge that Harper would indeed make it a wedge issue if he could. That, of course, does not excuse Trudeau and Mulcair's egregious absence of integrity on this issue.