Saturday, July 19, 2014

More On Duffy

Like many others, I have been trying to fathom how Nigel Wright has escaped without charges for the cheque he wrote to Mike Duffy, while the latter has been charged with accepting a bribe. I have also been attempting to get video of two programs, Power and Politics and last Thursday's At Issue Panel, which discuss this mystery in some detail. Unfortunately, CBC no long seems to offer the embed code for their shows, but you can watch the P&P show by clicking here. I was able to find the second show on You Tube, and you can view it below.

Perhaps, like me, you will find the proffered explanations for Wright's 'get-out-of-jail-free card' less than edifying.


  1. It would appear that Mike Duffy is being portrayed as the principal actor as having been the one who initiated the blackmail/fraud. Nigel Wright would at most in this scenario be seen as an accessory after the fact. In order to have a willing witness on the stand, often, the individual will not be charged or their testimony cannot be used against them, should there be a subsequent trial.

    Nigel Wright who is portrayed as being an honourable man, may have done a dishonourable thing, but there is no law against being dishonourable and therefore he could not be charged. I recall one lawyer in defence of his client saying he had done the wrong thing for the right reason. Nigel Wright as a loyal conservative saw nothing wrong in what he did and therefore had no criminal intent and therefore cannot be charged. Guilty in fact but not guilty in law.

    We can only hope that Mr. Duffy will not go quietly into the night.

    Perhaps our P.M. will try to pass a law as Silvio Berlusconi did, that he cannot be charged sorry questioned so long as he sits as Prime Minister.

    1. An interesting view, Anon. But a question still remains in my mind. If Wright acted out of adherence to Conservative morality (which seems to exist in a strange vacuum), does that also mean that the alleged agreement for Duffy to accept the money on the understanding that the Deloitte audit would be cut short, while constituting tampering with the Senate, is also only dishonourable but not illegal?

      I know that Mr. Harper feels he is above the law. Are all of his followers thus conferred the same imagined immunity?

  2. .. PM Stephen Harper 'Good to Go' .. and so is the entire slimy malignant apparatus, creature, construct or hive that has evolved, spawned, spewed and hatched from the larval Harper Party ..

    .. its The Harper Game of Drones ..

    .. Massive numbers of drone lawyers - thousands of them, drone MP's, drone Ministers.. the drone PMO.. the ever more bizarre Senate.. the drone Evangelical Secret Caucus hiving greedily inside the Parliament Buildings, chief drone Ray Novak.. drone riding associations, drones that were kicked from the Harper Hive, Flanagan, Dimitri.. and Duffy of course.. along with millionaire Wright.. looking out for the taxpayer.. right..

    Perhaps the hive is rotting from within, infected.. Perhaps the hive has infected or penetrated related agencies.. RCMP, CRA, Elections Canada etc.. Certainly the Ministries.. Foreign Affairs under Baird, Fisheries - rotting under Shea & Harper, Resources corrupted, Immigration imploding, Justice flailing at sex workers, Defense & Procurement are in complete disarray & denial as they play the 'budget surplus game' with the late Flaherty & the mealy Joe Oliver

    The sheer scope of the Harper Hive Failures is almost inconceivable. The numbers of infected drones and parasites mind boggling. Whether they are a new breed of asexual cockroach or termite is uncertain and whether the Queen - Harper can sprout wings & fly unknown

    But in nature, ecosystems and real environments
    fat lazy careless creatures like them fall prey
    to quick hungry natural & healthy predators
    .. like indy bloggers, writers, artists..
    and even mainstream media will gobble them up

    Questions or charges re Bribery, Abuse of Trust .. mm yum
    Funny how Arthur Hamilton just suddenly disappeared
    Nigel off to dear old England, not a squeak from Jenni Byrne
    Gerstein laying low, Benjamin Perrin ? ? Oh Pamela where art thou ?

    1. As usual, Salamander, your use of metaphor is spot-on and impeccably withering. The sooner the body politic is rid of these parasitic miscreants, the better we will all be.