Wednesday, July 23, 2014

King Stephen And The Law Of Diminishing Returns

Last evening I wrote a brief post on how the Harper regime is exploiting the tragedy in Gaza for political gain.

Anon responded with the following:

It is worse than no shame. It is disgusting. Over 630 people have died, including 30 Israelis and over 600 Palestinians, mostly non combatants and civilians including children. And he uses it as an opportunity to fundraise? And Cons supporters are OK with it? No wonder they are called the Nasty Party by pundits (e,g, Hebert, Coyne).

That comment got me thinking about the much-vaunted Tory base, which, perhaps, is beginning to show some cracks.

I replied to Anon:

I wonder if, in ramping up the rhetoric about its unequivocal support for Israel, the Harper regime has fallen into an almost stereotypical notion of its supporters. Rarely, if ever, are such supporters homogeneous. Perhaps Dear Leader will find, especially with the terrible imagery emerging from Gaza, that he has overplayed his hand and that many of the true blue will simply stay at home in the next election rather than endorse such extremism.

And that base, which has also been witness to a host of broken promises revolving around integrity, accountability, and transparency, now has even more reason to question their loyalty to a leader and party that has betrayed them and the rest of Canada in their monomaniacal obsession with the retention of power at any cost.

Today's National Post reports the following:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not intend to testify in the trial of suspended senator Mike Duffy because he doesn’t have any useful information to offer, his office said Tuesday.

Harper's director of communications, Jason Macdonald, offered the following:

“We have responded fully and freely to every request for assistance from the RCMP”.

“The RCMP have noted this and, after a thorough investigation, have made it clear who they believe is guilty of wrongdoing: Mike Duffy. They have also made clear that they do not believe the Prime Minister had any knowledge of Mr. Duffy’s wrongdoing. Given this, it is difficult to imagine that the Prime Minister would have any information that could be relevant to Mr. Duffy’s defence.”

So there we have it - an arrogant Prime Minister now so drunk on his own power and ego that he has declared himself above the law.

I rest my case.


  1. Listen up, Steve. We Canadians, who sign your pay cheque, want you on the witness stand, and you bloody well better show up. Understand?

    1. I suspect, Anon, that your comment reflects the sentiments of many, many Canadians.

  2. If he doesn't show, I suspect that he will seal his fate, Lorne. And, if he does, I'm certain he will have done so.

    1. Anticipating the dilemma Harper will find himself in if he is indeed called upon gives me real pleasure, Owen.

  3. Lorne, Jewish lobby is very powerful both in U.S and Canada. Harper has totally succumbed to it.

    As far as Duffy is concerned the problem is getting closer and closer to King Harper. I understand there is an e-mail by Nigel Wright to Duffy which says "let me check" when it came to $90,000.00 cheque. Second e-mail says "it is all clear" (I am paraphrasing it) Then he wrote the cheque for $90,000.00 to Duffy. I wonder who gave that 'clearance' as Wright was executive assistant to King Harper at the time.

    1. An excellent question, LD. Only in Harperland might we expect a claim of a 'Mr. Big' who is not Mr. Harper.