Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If All You Had Were Useless Rockets, Would You Be Firing Them?

A timely and invaluable reminder of what it means to be a Palestinian in Gaza under the yoke of the Israeli military. This is a report of a calculated and brutal murder of a 13-year old Palestinian girl by Israeli troops outside a refugee camp in 2004. As I recall, the officer who finished off the girl with two shots to her head was never punished for the murder.

How would you react if this girl was one of ours?

As for today another UN school, this one designated a refuge for Palestinian civilians. 15-dead, 90-wounded as three artillery rounds slam into the shelter.

You're dead on, Justin. That's some "commitment to peace."

MoS, The Disaffected Lib


  1. Perhaps they thought they were being more humane in shooting her dead than using her for this: ? Or this: ?

    From the second link (above): "The soldiers from the Givati Brigade were two of only four whom Israeli military authorities have indicted for criminal offenses during Operation Cast Lead, despite numerous well-documented instances of apparent deliberate or indiscriminate attacks on civilians and other actions in violation of the laws of war by other soldiers. Israel opened roughly 48 criminal investigations after Operation Cast Lead, but to date only one soldier has been sentenced to prison: he served a seven-and-a-half-month sentence for stealing a credit card. "

    Thus let it be clearly understood that, unlike Hamas, Israel takes seriously any complaint about wrongdoing by its armed forces; how many Hamas soldiers have been jailed for stealing a credit card?

  2. And, in case anyone thinks that story about the execution of the unarmed, 13-year old Palestinian girl wasn't typical, consider the execution/murder of four Palestinian brothers two weeks ago while they were kicking around a soccer ball on a Gaza beach.