Tuesday, July 22, 2014

UPDATED: Harper's Reign Of Terror - Part 2

Yesterday I wrote a post on the war being conducted by Stephen Harper and his cadre against dissent in Canada. Specifically, the Prime Minister is diverting CRA resources and taxpayer monies to investigate those non-profits not on board with his agenda. Environmental groups have been especially hard hit.

Today comes word that the scope of Harper repression is expanding. As reported in The Toronto Star, the knock at the door has happened at PEN Canada.

The Canada Revenue Agency has launched a political-activities audit of PEN Canada, a small charity promoting freedom of expression that has criticized the Harper government in the past.

Two tax auditors showed up Monday morning at the tiny Toronto offices of PEN Canada, asking to see a wide range of internal documents.

If you visit their website, you will see the following principles advocated by PEN:

PEN Canada envisions a world where
writers are free to write,
readers are free to read,
and freedom of expression prevails

That the organization advocates for freedoms that are synonymous with healthy societies, of course, makes them the perfect target for Harper retribution, given Dear Leader's demonstrated disdain for such principles.

And a visit to the news section of PEN's website will make abundantly clear why the Harper cabal has sicced the CRA on them:

Privacy Could Vanish if Cyber-Bullying Act Became Law

Groups Seek Human Rights Protections in Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement

How Transparent are Canada’s ISPs?

Stephen Harper Must Address Online Surveillance in Canada, says PEN Canada

One can only hope that Pen International will take up the cause. Presumably it is beyond the reach of the cowardly intimidation tactics of our national government.

UPDATE: PEN and its supporters do not intend to go quietly 'into that good night.'


  1. The targeting of PEN makes it abundantly clear what the Harperites are all about, Lorne. It's called tyranny.

    1. It's the only word for it, Owen.

  2. Harper is a fascist tyrant from way back. Do people not know of Harper's earlier political days?

    Stalin, Hitler and Stalin were tyrants. They were also paranoid control freaks. Harper's security bill has doubled. They were all liars, deceitful, corrupt, thieves, used underhanded politics, underhanded tactics and, all of them cheated to win. Sound familiar? It should. Harper is every bit as nuts as, all dictators are.

    1. His authoritarian outlook and methods certainly echo historical precedents, Anon.