Monday, May 12, 2014

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Electorate?

Some critical thinkers might conclude it is the Harper regime, given the curious date they have assigned for four federal byelections.


  1. Wow! This really brings Harper into the Ontario provincial election. Hudak is going to regret this.

    1. So far, Harper has been a malignant presence in Ontario in two ways, UU4077. He and his functionaries have been regularly disdaining Wynne's plans for an Ontario pension plan, dismissing it as a 'new tax' and a 'jobs killer,' the usual regime cant. As well, Tony Clement expressed his hope for her party's defeat the other day. It seems that the tradition of federal governments not commenting on provincial elections doesn't apply when it comes to attacking the Liberal party.

      Wynne, as one might expect, has sharply rebuked them and has probably scored some political points in the process.