Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meanwhile, Back In The Land of Ontario Election Campaigns....

The mask of boyish innocence was slowly slipping away from young Tim Hudak.

H/t Toronto Star

H/t Ray Mirshahi


  1. Love it when Hudak says he will reduce hydro rates. If Ontarians fall for it, they deserve the government they elect. I fear though that there are more idiots than thinkers, eh?

    Ontarians should google OEFC (for Ontario Electricity Financial Corp.) and read about how, with a wave of his hand, the Conservatives under Harris/Eve transferred over $30B debt (of which over $20B was the so-called "stranded debt" from Ontario Hydro) to Mr. and Mrs. Ontario:

    This was done as part of the disastrous Conservatives plan to privatize Ontario Hydro. Ontarians have been paying off that stranded debt in their monthly hydro bill. Hudak was part of that team as he was a junior minister. About two years ago, Hudak even had the cheek to claim that this debt had been paid off (it hadn't because as it turned out, Hudak either conveniently forgot, or did not realize, that the debt generated interest income which had to be tagged onto the principal).

    Same Conservative math was likely used in figuring out the million jobs, less one hundred thousand public sector jobs that he admitted he will be cutting, that Hudak claims he will generate.

    Methinks the only thing Hudak is capable of generating is .... hot, hot air.

    1. Thanks for your insights here, Anon.Ijust wrote another post on Hudak, and will place a link at the bottom of it to your commentary.