Thursday, May 1, 2014

If You Value Your Privacy

Watch. Learn. Share freely.


  1. Lorne, I believe we both know how indifferent many, particularly our young people, are today to matters of privacy. To my knowledge we have never taught our youth the fundamental role privacy serves in anchoring virtually every other political and human right. It is the jewel in the crown and, once lost, most other rights can be infringed often without the victim ever knowing it.

    The government obviously has nothing but contempt for the public in these matters but where are the opposition parties? Why aren't they rallying to the defence of the Canadian people? Why are they not eviscerating Harper & Co. over this? I don't think it's incompetence or fear that's holding them back. I think this doesn't particularly trouble them or, at the very least, it's not a priority to them.

    I no longer contribute to political parties. My money now goes straight to the Council of Canadians.

    1. I think you have identified a major gap in our education system, Mound. As a retired English teacher, I often complained about the paucity of substance taught through the history departments, especially in Ontario when it comes to the teaching of civics, which only teaches the structures of government without getting into any of the ugly realities. As well, I long advocated making history mandatory throughout high school, so as to provide a much wider canvas upon which pressing issues could be addressed.

      Would that make any difference in the violations of privacy and rights that our addiction to technology has made so easy? I don't know, but it would at least allow people to better appreciate the potential disasters that ensue when people don't take their rights and responsibilities as citizens seriously.