Thursday, May 29, 2014

UPDATED:I Have A Simpler Solution

The headline reads, Restaurant owners seek meeting with PM over foreign worker freeze

The group representing Canada's restaurant owners is calling for an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper to discuss the freeze on temporary foreign workers in the restaurant industry.

"The recent moratorium on temporary foreign workers in the food service industry has turned the labour shortage into a crisis," Restaurants Canada CEO Garth Whyte said during a news conference in Charlottetown today.

The solution proposed by Restaurants Canada is threefold:

- Lift the moratorium on the food service industry immediately.

- Strengthen the rules of the program "to ensure there is no abuse."

- Allow restaurants that can't find Canadian workers to hire foreign workers at all skills levels.

Perhaps because of their fraught condition, they have overlooked a simpler solution:

Pay their workers more instead of pressuring the government to allow them to hire cheap foreign workers.

UPDATE: In her post this morning, Alison at Creekside does an excellent job piercing the hysterical hype being disseminated by Mr. Whyte on behalf of the restaurant industry.


  1. The most significant evidence that the FWP is a scam is found in the fact that the government never tires of telling us that prices should be determined by supply and demand - if there is a shortage of labour therefore, the price should go up, it is as simple as that.

    1. Funny how flexible these 'principles' become when it comes to helping their friends in the private sector, Kirby.

  2. You’ve got it right, Lorne. Where anyone else would say “hypocrisy”, the market fundamentalist has claimed license to say “flexibility”.

    In my opinion, the most disgusting display of CRAP Party ignorance on this question occurred in the House of Commons when Mr. Mulcair brought up the free market factor and was greeted by a barrage of pompous jeering as a chorus of situational rugged individuals on the government benches began to bark and flap the flippers, no doubt to demonstrate a sanctimonious sense of injury that the house socialists would dare to make reference to one of their professed articles of faith. Fawning milksops are always of the most obvious type of hypocrite and market libertarians are generally of that type of milksop most oblivious to its true nature. Sanctimony goes hand-in-hand with weakness and stupidity. This covers them for those few occasions when they are not deliberately lying.

    1. Your description of the acolytes' House behaviour speaks volumes about their servile natures and manifest unfitness for public office, John. Those people demonstrate how far noble democratic principles have been debased by a party that believes in very little other than re-election..

  3. .. why hasn't a consequential journalist asked Harper/Novak & Kenney to explain to Canadians in approx 30 to 60 words why the massive scaling up of the TFW program is good for all Canadians. We aren't very smart, so maybe they can explain it very simply.. and what the payoff is for ordinary Canadians.
    One hopes they wont confuse us with explanations that Canada must import scientists and election specialists, miners and economists, lawyers and spies and dishwashers & nannies

    1. Your KISS advice is well-considered, Salamander; otherwise, the braintrust addressing the issue would likely get tripped up in the thicket of lies they are prone to whenever they open their mouths for more than very short periods.