Saturday, May 17, 2014

Connecting The Dots

H/t Ruth Blair


  1. .. watching an interview last night of 'young' middle aged Hudak I was startled by how glib he is.. but even more strange is the fact he does not blink while delivering practiced lines.

    What a startling graphic you've delivered ! Of course we should expect stunted values, flawed ethical tics & a certain ignorance as natural consequences to such partisan political inbreeding..

    We now have the senior public servant in the country.. Stephen Harper.. confusing Branding as Environmentalism & his pungent faux Conservatism as Conservation.

    Somehow, from civic, to provincial and federal politics, being a loser now means you're a winner.. and if bluster or bumph, conceit or deceit won't sell that message.. well so what, they'll just pile the shite higher and deeper the next day.. that's the new action plan, the underground gravy train & the new brand of rabid pretend 'common sense'

    We now live in the convenient era of three principal parties enforcing a minority 'winner' getting to enjoy 'majority' status.. and inflicting whatever their hidden agenda dictates.. and they call that 'democracy' ...

    1. Truly, Salamander, democracy in Canada, and especially in Ontario, is in a perilous state. And as the meteorologists like to say, "There is no relief in sight."