Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Safe Bet

Mother Jones predicts that the next episode of Cosmos will inflame the climate-change deniers. I think that is a safe bet:


  1. .. as a parent, a Canadian, a farm kid somewhat growed up, an artist & writer, and an inhabitant of planet earth.. I get very concerned when a local government, ie Canada's current one.. starts frothing at the mouth, spying on us, lying to us and its disciples commence telling us essentially, that the earth is flat & the sun revolves around the wisdom of Stephen Harper & Ray Novak.

    We laughed at the innocent ignorance of Stockwell Day.. still give greasy twits like Ezra Levant too much slack. When Dino Del Mastro got busted, we got Paul Calandra to speak for Harper on High.. and doses of Brad Butt in concert with shrill John Baird, loathsome toad Van Loan, the PMO mystery minestrone and the all knowing Arthur Hamilton.. The list of primevil beasts barking orders at us now includes Poilievre, Joe 'green bitumen' Oliver.. the tainted P MacKay and a whacked out Mistress of Environment named Leona.. OK, we also get the recently leveraged Laureen Harper, Baird's best buddy

    If the core, cadres, components, compadres & confused.. and complicits of the so called 'conservatives' are truly a twisted lipsticked pig circus seeking The Harper Rapture as revealed to him in a Toronto sandbox at a young age .. perhaps they could let us know.. instead of perpetrating crimes against environment, ecosystems & every single species on earth.. then telling us its good for us, reflects our values & we should donate money to their war chest

    Stockwell Day seems innocent what with his silly babble about man walking among the T-Rex, and brontosaurus..

    Stephen Harper seems dangerous, reckless.. what with dogma & doctrine & need for speed getting bitumen & gas to China toute suite, bring the tankers Hallelujah

    1. I fear there are many infected with this diseased dogma, Salamander. I have been following a CTV comment forum on Desmond Tutu's visit to Fort Mac. Let's just say that many of the comments are not kind to the Nobel Prize winner, who has had the 'temerity to describe the tarsands' product as 'filth.'

  2. For some reason these episodes get recorded into my PVR a few days in advance so, yes, this programme is a well aimed punch in the nose to the denialists and the fossil fuelers. There's a really wonderful scene that imagines CO2 emissions not as colourless but as purple gas in a city scape with commuter traffic and an overhead jetliner coming in to land. It's a powerful image, one that drives home the moral degeneracy of business and political leaders who fail to press for a rapid decarbonization of our economy and society.

    My town just opened a new, community health centre. When I went there yesterday I saw the normal, handicapped parking spots but was pleasantly surprised to see three similar spots reserved for electric vehicle parking/charging. My town (don't let on I said that, they like to imagine it a "city") has also installed free electric vehicle charging bays at popular use locations such as parks and shopping areas.

    BTW - a new study by the Brits' Met Office and Newcastle U confirms the cause-effect relationship of global warming and increasing severe summer flooding. Whatever you do, don't mention it to Calgary. It'll only get them angry.

    1. Those charging stations are at least an encouraging sign, Mound. I daresay there are even a few in Ontario, and my understanding is that should the Liberals here get re-elected, the substantial subsidies offered to electric car purchasers will continue:

      BTW, mum's the word in my upcoming trip to Alberta ;)