Thursday, May 22, 2014

A New Enemy Of The State

When it comes to the media, it is common knowledge that the right-wing sees the CBC as a repository of leftists bent on perverting all that is sacred in Harperland. Hence the ongoing funding cuts, despite the Mother Corp's repeated efforts at appeasement. What is surprising, however, is the fact that now the broader media have joined the Harper Enemies List.

In a letter to significant Conservative Party contributors, the Harper regime is asking them to reach deeply into their pockets, warning of next year's election battle that will be a choice between Stephen Harper’s economic record and “inexperienced Liberals like Justin Trudeau” or the “leftist ideologues like Thomas Mulcair.”

The battle will be be complicated by the perfidy of, you guessed it, the media, specifically, media concentration:

“Despite all his verbal flubs, lack of experience, and his failure to outline any practical economic policy for Canada, Justin Trudeau is still awarded a shining halo by liberal-minded journalists and pundits who are bedazzled by their own hopes of a Liberal second coming,” says the letter by Conservative Party director of political operations Fred DeLorey.

The root of the problem, the Tories tell supporters, is that a few corporations control much of Canadian media.

Hinting at a dark conspiracy to deprive the Conservatives of their long-sought goal of becoming Canada's natural governing party, the letter observes,

“Over 80 per cent of Canadian media is owned by a cartel of just five corporations – each of which owns dozens of publications and networks under various subsidiaries and affiliates”.

“The Canadian newspaper industry today is largely controlled by a small number of individual or corporate owners, which often own the television networks.”

And the proof of this de facto conspiracy is obvious to all who have eyes:

DeLorey noted good economic news such as March, 2014, job growth and asked “how much of that good news has come to you in the press and media?”

For the more obtuse inhabitants of Harperland, the letter leaves nothing to interpretation:

“Media convergence has greatly complicated our Conservative Party efforts to present the unfiltered facts and foundations behind our policies for economic growth, our faith in family values and our commitment to jobs, free trade and prosperity,” Mr. DeLorey wrote.

Ho hum. Another day. Another addition to the Enemies List. Another ort for the red-meat crowd to chew upon.


  1. Aren't the few individuals in whose hands the media apparently rests mostly conservative supporters?
    The concentration of corporate interests in few hands is bad in news media, but not in other industries?
    Who pushed and exacerbated the conditions leading to such media concentration?
    Do you suppose the wunderkinds who write this stuff believe it?
    I imagine that their pointy little heads might explode if they were ever confronted by a genuinely critical thought.

    1. Hi Karen,

      All excellent points, ones amply demonstrating how 'fluid' truth is in the hands pf Harper propagandists. But will the true believers stop to think, or simply reflexively open their wallets to ward off this threat to all they hold holy?

  2. How quickly they forget that in the last election they had the editorial support of every major daily paper -- except one, The Toronto Star. Very convenient lapse of memory, Lorne.

    1. A good memory is not considered an asset within the Harper propaganda apparatus, Owen.

  3. Christ, they're complaining about the corporate media cartel? Seriously? The Sun chain, NatPo and Postmedia, the Conservative Television Network CTV. Global - they're all in the bag.

    1. I guess the inveterate neocon can only rest, Mound, when the last voice of dissent has been quelled.

  4. .. it would be interesting to have every single recipient of the DeLorey plea..
    receive a corresponding, concise, calm letter.. based in reality
    that presents a typically Canadian view of elections, donations
    & leadership.. and issues

    You know.. a sensible encouragement to vote & be informed
    rather than a hysterical, whining partisan call to battle stations & wallets

    The Harper - HarperCaucus - unelected PMO vermin - & misc un-Canadians a la Novak, DeLorey, Jenni Byrne, Giorno, Lecce, Hamilton, Gerstein appear to be crying that only money.. and lots of it can save the poor HarperParty from the libtarts & dippers & green.. all famously rich, corrupt & lefthanded

    A more sensible approach might be to encourage Canadians to consider what a barrage of robo and live calls is all about.. write down the number that they originate from.. the general or specific message.. and keep handy, any questions they'd like to ask those callers.

    An election plea that seems to suggest.. 'just send money,
    we'll look after the election' seems awfully self absorbed.. and pompous..
    incredibly assumptive and presumptive all at once
    pathetic & weak actually..!!
    This from the 'Party' run by Harper.. that runs the Harper Government

    Who actually writes this crap ? Who actually approves the copy ?
    Creeps with a little Bo Peep degree in Poli Sci ? Interns or the mega salaried?

    I see 5 year olds in front of their houses with lemonade stands
    made from cardboard boxes, card tables or snowboards
    & signs.. or messages that capture my imagination.. approval.. admiration
    and make me reach into my pocket, smile ..
    knowing I am indeed a very fortunate Canadian in Canada eh
    about to enjoy a lemonade ..

    But then.. Harper et al do not want Canadians to enjoy a lemonade
    and they certainly do not want us to vote ..

    1. As usual, Salamander, you have the Harperites pegged for what they are, moral cowards who want obeisance, not reflection, from the Canadian public. The preemptive plea reflected in this request for a deep war chest, one hopes, is the desperate cry from a ship that knows it is soon to land on rocky shoals IF the public is finally awake to the threat the cabal poses to the vestiges of our pride and values.

  5. The view of the media expressed by the CRAP Party to its followers has always been that, unless an organization is cheerleading for the cause, it is an enemy. There are only two sides to any story or question, you know: our side and the other side. Period. Just ask Sun TV News. The party's followers have no trouble accepting this proposition and Fred DeLorey knows that most of them are complete idiots. That's what he does for a living.

    1. If they have sufficient insight, John, the recipients of the letter should feel deeply insulted. That, of course, is a big IF.