Monday, March 11, 2013

Gated Democracy in Calgary

Last June, I wrote a series of posts about the lack of constituency representation I and many others were receiving from our local Conservative M.P. David Sweet, the catalyst being his obsequious though not unexpected uncritical acceptance of the budget Omnibus Bill C-38. As a consequence, we conducted demonstrations at his constituency office until the police were called and interdicted our entrance into the strip mall where the office is located.

It seems that that anti-democratic trend is spreading westward, right to the strip mall housing our Prime Minister's constituency office:

Just one more very obvious sign of something I think the majority of Canadians are coming to realize: the absolute contempt in which the federal government holds both ordinary citizens and their 'rights.'

H/t Ugottabekiddin


  1. Contempt and fear, Lorne. If those citizens get too close -- close enough to understand what's going on -- the man and the party will be in catastrophic trouble.

  2. Harper needs to take some lessons from recent history, Owen. When those negative qualities reach a certain point, the people revolt. I only hope that enough Canadians soon rouse themselves from their slumber to facilitate the process.