Monday, December 17, 2012

An Editorial Recommendation

A bit of a busy day today, so I only have time right now to recommend today's editorial in The Star, a timely warning about the implications of increasingly popular anti-union legislation that has only one goal: to reduce the remuneration of workers.

One can only hope that Canadians will not believe that such regressive laws are good for anything other than corporate profits.


  1. Totally agree - but the Star is a bit of mixup here - some opinion writers insist on suggesting the labour unrest by education workers is about "wages" when it is not - it's about rights and collective bargaining, which the Star also messes up in reporting.

  2. Yes, Jan, I have noticed people like Martin Regg Cohn has been rather hard on teachers of late. I guess the federations need to keep repeating the fact that they offered a wage freeze; unfortunately, that was not enough for the ambitions of the McGuinty government, which is of course now paying the price for its iron-fisted approach and absolute refusal to engage in anything that even remotely resembles negotiation.