Friday, July 6, 2012

Looking for Democracy

I am sure that like me, many despair over the state of democracy in Canada. Not only is it under continuous assault by a federal government that has repeatedly and consistently shown its contempt for the concept, but it also suffers from widespread citizen disengagement.

Probably the two are inextricably connected.

In an interesting column today entitled Canadians need a forum to raise their voices against undemocratic leaders, The Star's public editor Carol Goar writes about a public trust called The Carold Institute, whose mission is to promote active citizenship, democratic participation and social change.

A recent panel discussion hosted by the institute stressed three essential observations and lessons that put our present perilous state into perspective:

- those with power — politicians, police and bureaucrats — don’t think they should have to share it. “They don’t like citizens and they don’t think they have any role.”

- governments are quick to slap pejorative labels — violent, dangerous, anarchic — on people who challenge them.

- citizens have to use the tools they have — solidarity, the willingness to stand up to authorities, the ability to reach beyond their own ranks — to keep democracy alive.

These are lessons we all would be wise to remember and take to heart in the long hot summer of discontent ahead.


  1. Sadly enough most people are in their hands.

    I did a survey at the local park on canada day and 50% of the ones I spoke to did not know about the election fraud nor bill C-38, huh I wondered to myself.

    That's why the world's greatest clown show continues in Ottawa.

    Out of the other 1/2 60% thereof did not want to know.

    Down to the last 20% of the original survey they were split 50/50 1/2 knew and hated what harper and the spoiled brats were doing but did not care "geez that's politics i stay outta it"

    The final 10% knew and cared and were equally frustrated with the crimes against democracy the harper gang were pulling.

    So the 90% empower their en-slavers:)

    Sad but true, harper should be in gitmo...

    For a life's sentence at hard labor and water-boarding.

  2. While I realize it was an informal poll, your results are profoundly disturbing, and ample illustration of how the Harper regime conducts its war on democracy with virtual impunity.

    Although it may seem like a futile fight, I do believe that each of us who believes in responsible government that represents not the few but the many have to continue to spread the word and educate as many as possible.

    It always amazes me, though, that so many people don't make the link between politics and the quality of their own lives, as if the former were simply a separate and arcane activity.

  3. This is how tyrants have ruled for centuries, Lorne through ignorance of the masses/> sigh...