Monday, July 16, 2012

Embarrassing The Harper Government

The rhetoric about overpaid doctors notwithstanding, I suspect the public loves it as much as I do when the medical profession defends its principles and embarrasses Tory lap dogs in the process.

As reported in today's Star, although it is not something they are used to doing, doctors feel it is morally incumbent upon them to speak out as frequently and vociferously as they can in their protests over Immigration Jason Kenney's recent cuts to refugee health care.

One of the more audacious, Dr. Mark Tyndal, is shown below as he interrupts one of the Harper faithful. Enjoy:


  1. Now if only the good people in governmental social services became as indignant and spoke as loud and clear, for the people they really serve and not the weasel politicians who, more often than not, seem to be using government to service their own and others' narrow interests.

  2. Perhaps if more of the general public gets more engaged and aware of the politics of this government, Stig, other government employees with gain the confidence to speak out.

  3. They are our community's focus Lorne; a valuable set of eyes and ears, a bulwark that is our front line against the usurpation and corruption of our principles by the unprincipled, and most importantly an insider voice on matters our betters don't want us to hear about or discuss. There is no real "general" public of which you speak, only the public, which they are also part of and help define. I put it to you Lorne, that much of the public's malaise towards our polity and governance, which you and many others so cavalierly throw down at their feet, may actually be in large part, directly related to the refusal or coercion of our best and brightest not to speak up. But that now seems to be changing. Thank goodness for the scientists and medical profession showing the rest of us, how it is done.