Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why A Budget Omnibus Bill?

It's the best way to hide your real purpose, which, according to Thomas Walkom, is this:

It is aimed at eliminating regulations — particularly environmental regulations — that interfere in profit-making. It is aimed at reducing wages (which is why the Conservatives take swipes at unions whenever possible). It is aimed at scaling back any social programs — from Old Age Security to Employment Insurance — that help keep wages up.

The revolutionaries dream of a day when the elderly, energized by the reductions in their pensions, will be vying for jobs at Walmart.

But it is a stealthy revolution. The country must remain complacent. Otherwise, we might object.

You can read his full analysis here.

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  1. When I worked on the Hill whenever dreaded omnibus bills would come before the House we would "joke" about the day when a government would bring in a "Bill for the operation of the government of Canada" in order to reduce the opportunity for debate. We never really believed it would actually happen.