Friday, May 18, 2012

Deny, Deny. Deny

In the strange parallel world inhabited by Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, that seems to be the rule governing administrative oversight. When confronted with an authoritative and damning report on the behaviour of your officers, both frontline and senior, attempt to deal with its implications by refusing to apologize for the abrogation of Charter rights that took place under your command, defiantly assert that the rights of citizens were protected that weekend, maintain that 'most police carried out their duties in a professional manner,' and, when really pushed, admit that there are things that “could have been done better”

The apparent inviolable rule of this parallel world is to never, under any circumstances, accept personal responsibility for what happened under your command.

Fortunately, to set things right, both worlds have a Toronto Star which, in today's hard-hitting editorial, suggests that if Blair continues inhabiting that strange world where DENY, DENY, DENY is the ruling ethos, he should step down.

1 comment:

  1. Never mind giving him the option of stepping down. If the abuses and brutality meet his standards for professional conduct then he must go. Furthermore, his response/reaction or lack thereof should be met with immediate dismissal. The only way to restore confidence in the police for those in authority to show some gumption, exercise leadership, and do their jobs by giving this clown the heave-ho.