Friday, May 25, 2012

Canada For Sale

At least that's all I can conclude given that the ineffectual Investment Canada Act is about to become completely impotent thanks to changes announced today; in a short time, the government will not even bother reviewing foreign investments in or purchases of Canadian companies worth less than $1 billion.

National borders? Economic sovereignty? Closures of branch plants? Completely irrelevant in the new Canada being formed by Harper Inc.


  1. Yup -- &&

    It is in fact for sale. It's already been sold.

  2. When the Foreign Investment Review Agency (FIRA) was reconfigured as the Investment Canada Act, that indicated a more open approach to foreign investment in Canada. With these latest changes, the Harper Regime might as well rename it the Canada Futures Market since they don't even care if the investment leads to Canadian jobs or if the wealth created stays in Canada. At least those Branch Plants of days gone by generated stable, permanent jobs.

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