Friday, April 20, 2012

Progressive Taxation Is Not An Obscenity

I have expressed many times on this blog my concern that the notion of progressive taxation has been almost relegated to the status of a historical curiosity. Acceptance of the current myth that taxation is bad, that lowering taxes is the only way to promote economic growth and well-being, is dependent both on the well-financed propaganda of the right-wing and a kind of collective amnesia from the rest of us about how progressive tax rates have led to the society we enjoy today, where the collective good takes precedence over individual greed.

However, trickle down economics, the idea that wealth at the top trickles down to all of us, has proven to be an abject failure for all except the wealthy, judging by record-high unemployment rates, deficits, etc. It is for this reason that I was very pleased to read Linda McQuaig's column this morning in The Star, in which she gives high praise to Andrea Horwath for getting the topic of taxation back on the agenda.

She does observe however, that it would be an easier battle had she a billionaire or two on her side championing the cause, as does Obama in the U.S. in the person of Warren Buffet.

I hope you will take the opportunity to read the entire piece.

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