Friday, July 1, 2016

Anyone Who Refuses To Connect The Dots Here

... will never accept the fact of climate change:

Want more information on the dangers posed by algae blooms? Click here.

And just remember, sports fans, these are only the preliminary rounds.

Oh, and by the way, Happy Canada Day.


  1. Not a word in that report about what's causing these algae blooms in our lakes, rivers and along our coasts. Not so much as a peep. I have to assume the NBC editors decided to omit any reference to the source - agricultural chemical runoff, mainly agchem fertilizers. That's the nutrient that causes algae to grow into these "blooms." To enhance their yields farmers use far too much of these products. Irrigation then carries them into our waterways and eventually to the sea. Look at what it's done to Lake Winnipeg or the annual algae bloom in Lake Erie.

    I think it's a function of the immense clout of today's agri-chemical giants (Monsanto and company) and the industrial agriculture lobby, both of which have a huge, vested interest in perpetuating the status quo, that block any crackdown.

    Blue green algae, what do they care? It's not on their books. That's an environmental cost that is, to use the neo-classical economics term, "externalized." Someone else bears the cost and consequences. Usually that someone else has another name - the public.

    1. Thanks for the insight, Mound. What I did take from the report was that the problem of algae bloom has been exacerbated by warmer temperatures and heavy rains. As we know, these are not simply anomalies but are only going to get worse.

      Unfortunately, the inter-relatedness of factors, and the role that agricultural runoff plays here, means nothing will be done. Anything that might impede food production, or, if we are being brutally honest, production of any kind, as you have pointed out in your blog many times, is anathema both to the powers that be and a world drunk on over consumption. Such a reality leaves little reason for hope.