Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Powerful Words From Cornell West

Although he is addressing an audience in NYC, Cornell West's words are equally applicable on this side of the border. They seem especially important given the Harper regime's many efforts to tear down Canadian values and the obligations we have to one another as both citizens and human beings.

If you want to see his full address, you can access it here.

H/t Jack Saturday


  1. Very inspiring. Thanks for posting the video. There is much here to chew on. Many years ago Reinhold Niebuhr said that Americans in their officially optimistic society don't understand tragedy. However, Black Americans understood tragedy very well. Even so, many continued to be hopeful. I too will try to learn to be hopeful even if I am not optimistic.

  2. I, too, found myself both touched and inspired by West's words, Edward. I think that every so often, we need to be forcefully reminded that our obligations to society extend well beyond ourselves and our immediate families.