Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pierre Poilievre Does It* Again

If you start at about the 5 minute mark, you will witness Harper's pet parrot Pierre, through endless repetition, parody a Member of Parliament actually answering a question and showing respect for Canadians' intelligence.

* Show an absolute absence of anything that could be even remotely interpreted as integrity.


  1. The Conbot spokesthingies are appearing to become gradually unravelled. Their hair is more out of place. Their lips are smiling, but their eyes are nervous. In Poilievre's case, his eyes are beginning to wander independently of each other, like the eyes of a reptile.

  2. An apt description of that 'good' and faithful Harper servant, Anon.

  3. Mr Poilievre stumbles right out of the gate. Note this response to the opening question:

    Q: Why did Nigel Wright give $90,000 to Mike Duffy to pay off what are considered to be inappropriate expenses?

    A: Because we didn't believe taxpayers should have to pay the cost. (Emphasis mine.)

    Revealing, n'est-ce pas?

    1. The ever-facile Mr. Poilievre will undoubtedly say that he misspoke or was simply talking about the values all Conservatives hold, Brian - that is, of course, after his script has been carefully vetted by his masters.

      Watching the interview yesterday, it was clear that he was only permitted to utter about two actual sentences, after which he simply repeated them in numerous permutation.

      If he gave any indication that he has even a modicum of self-respect, I might even feel a little sorry for him, but thus far my heart is hard.