Saturday, May 18, 2013

In Case You Missed It

Here is Rex Murphy holding forth on the current 'troubles' in Ottawa:

Or how about this from Margaret Wente? I do so love it when the right starts eating their young.


  1. I have angrily watched Rex defend Mr. Harper, Lorne. This time -- for a change -- he got it right.

  2. I have seen the same thing Owen. It is especially gratifying when the right begins to eat its own.

  3. You've probably seen those life rafts that tumble into the ocean and then rapidly inflated from gas cannisters. We're about to see the Stephen Harper equivalent, the one we've seen before when he's been mired in scandal. It's burgers'n beer season. You let the scandals burst out and then you shut down the party for the whole summer. Word has it Harper will prorogue Parliament in mid-June. Then you sit back and let the summer holiday wash it all away and return well after Labour Day with a public that has forgotten all about it.

    He did just that to Iggy only he sprung a surprise election on him and caught the Libs so off-balance that he came back with a majority.

    That won't happen this time. Steve wants to get those pipelines through at all costs and he won't risk them to a general election that could return him to a minority - or worse.

    There's money laundering and there's political scandal laundering and one is just as corrupt as the other.

  4. I can only hope, Mound, that this becomes the 'summer' of Harper's discontent, followed by a similar winter. It is up to all of us to make this scandal stick, along with pungent reminders of the systematic dismantling of the Canada we know and love that his cabal have been undertaking for the past several years.

  5. Harper stated that he wanted to get rid of the Senate when he first ran for PM.
    Having your appointees drag it down with such petty scandals seems like as good of a way to destroy it as any.

  6. Perhaps, Dan, there is much wisdom in that old saying, "Be careful what you wish for."