Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Harper's 'Accountability'

This raw video from this morning's efforts at damage control says all there needs to be said about Harper and accountability:


  1. Incredibly .. there's an ad for .... 'SleepCountry'
    bonded to the clip .. when I restart it .. for a 2nd astounded view
    Highly apropos .. as this country is asleep at the wheel, Eh !
    The Harper Party missed a fab opportunity and media buy
    to place Economic Action ads and Attack ads here !

    A lovely freeze frame is also seen, of Stevie .. but no Ray ..
    We want Stevie-Ray !! Canada's political Wacko & Waldo ..

    Ray Novak is Waldo.. where is he ? Try to find him ..
    its darn hard, despite the fact he's been living with the Harpers forever..

    The Salamander must be a distinct minority ..
    befuddled by such a clamor over typical tawdry Harper grooming..

    90 grand goes via 500.00 per hour lawyers (can't trust just anyone y'know..) from zillionaire Nigel Wright to the squeaky broke wheel Duffy..
    who wuz whiing how he was short this month after his Florida vacation.. and suddenly the sky is falling, the pope is watching via twitter, John Baird lurches into action (this is like Groundhog Day now), Stevie/Ray is upset ..

    And pocket full of poseys .. all fall down .. RCAF Harper Canada jets off to Peru where Canada no doubt has many important mining ventures that require indigenous folks to have their huts burnt.. or flattened by bulldozers.. then be run off by the armed forces to help Canada Eh's gawd blessed ECONOMY .. fer ever n ever AMEN..

    Like zombies, this Harper Brand lurches from failure to idiocy to lunacy to theocracy to entitlement to electoral fraud to omnipotence to larceny to obstruction to opacity to denial to obstruction to fraud.. and now Canada seems transfixed & in a complete huff over Duffy, Wright, Harper, Wallin, Brazeau .. exemplifying transparent ethical government !!

    Well, whatever gets Canada to wake up and smell the shite...
    currently being packaged and sold as good old fashioned Canadian values.. by creeps that don't come close to passing the smell test

  2. Thanks for your always welcome comments, Salamander. Like you, I realize this is largely spectacle, but, as you say, if it in any way encourages people to take a closer examination of the terrible things going on with our government and our country, this scandal, as tawdry as it is, will have served its purpose.