Monday, May 20, 2013

A Glimpse Into How A Former Journalist Became A Political Prostitute the years went by, I saw Duffy transformed from what he was then to what he is now. Like so many celebrities, he started to believe his own baloney. His shows on Baton Broadcasting and CTV were more about him than politics. He tumbled into the ego trap.

He also developed an affection for the Conservative party, beyond the distaste most journalists felt for the overbearing Liberals. Today’s Tories cherish the role of victims, pretending the media comprise a unified phalanx ranged against them. They ignore the role reporters played in the sponsorship scandal and downfall of the entitled Liberals.

Yet Duffy’s role in the destruction of Stéphane Dion was one of the most shameful abuses of journalism I have ever witnessed. You’ll recall that five days before the 2008 election, Dion stumbled while answering a confusing question from CTV’s Steve Murphy. Duffy rushed the tape to air and made Dion look like a dope, exactly as the Conservative attack ads portrayed him.

That well-timed but unethical act put Duffy firmly on the Tory team.

You can read the full reminiscence of Duffy former friend Dan Leger on how the disgraced senator achieved his current state of public odium here.

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