Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It Certainly Took Him Long Enough

His Mad Face?

Seasoned cynic that I am, I can't help but think that Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair's denunciation of police misbehaviour is little more than a public relations exercise. Almost three years after the G20 debacle, in which over 1000 people were arrested and a mere handful of police hit with the most modest of sanctions for their egregious abuse of authority, the Chief has deemed it prudent to speak to both the public and his own troops on where he stands when 'good' cops go bad.

As reported in today's Star,

An angry Chief Bill Blair is slamming his own officers for “totally unacceptable behaviour,” including turning off dashboard cameras, being untruthful in court and racist remarks.

Included in his video message — which runs about five minutes and shows Blair in full uniform, set against a dark background and speaking directly to the camera — are two short video clips that make examples of individual officers on the force. It’s the first time the chief has used video in such a fashion.

The first clip was captured on a police dashboard camera three years ago, and shows Const. Christian Dobbs repeatedly striking Toronto cook Raymond Costain, who is face down and hidden from view, in front of the King Edward hotel.

I think I would have found this public condemnation much more credible were it coming from another police chief, given that Chief Blair was such an integral party to the abrogation of Charter rights during the G20, concealing, for example, the fact that the so-called emergency laws about 5-meter perimeters around fences were total fiction. This, of course, led to the unlawful searches, seizures and arrests of lawful protesters during that infamous weekend in June of 2010.

A real leader not only 'talks the talk' but also 'walks the walk.' I have seen no evidence of such ambulatory ability on the part of Bill Blair.


  1. Bill Blair is a criminal, pure and simple, and he should be subjected to the very harshest penalties of the law the he is supposed to uphold. But he shouldn't just be a scapegoat for the federal & provincial political leaders who sanction these abuses.

    1. I agree, Kirby. There is more than enough blame to go around, but as is the usual pattern in this imperfect world of ours, those at the top are seldom held to account in any meaningful way.

  2. What a f*cking asshole. It took Blair how long to change his tune? I don't agree with Kirby, though. Blair was the guy who was in charge of the troops and lied afterwards. He needs to go.

  3. Unfortunately, Godfrey, there seems to be little appetite by his employer to take on the Chief.

  4. @Godfrey - don't get me wrong, Blair is a criminal and he should pay, but he shouldn't shield the share of blame that also belong to the Harper regime and McGuinty's clan.