Friday, January 11, 2013

On Hiatus

There won't be any new blog posts for the next two weeks as we begin our annual hegira to Cuba, where the climate and the people offer a soothing respite from the Canadian winter. This will be our sixth visit to the island, and each time there we learn another facet of Cuban life, thanks to two friends that we visit, usually for a day, during our holiday.

Since Internet is very restricted there, I will be offline during our stay.

Any online comments to this blog will not be published until I return.

Keep the faith, everyone!


  1. Have a lovely trip.
    I wonder if 2 weeks is long enough to finish the revolution and have everything shipshape for your return? :)

    1. With people such as yourself on the job, Karen, I have every confidence that things are bound to improve!

  2. Thanks, Beijing. We are checked in at the airports, and I am. Using my BlackBerry PlayBook to send this.