Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beyond Cynical By Any Standard

Using the legislative power that Bill 115 provides, Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten has announced she will impose contracts on Ontario teachers but then rescind Bill 115 because it has become a “lightning rod.”

In doing so, she hopes teachers will forgive and forget and resume coaching sports teams and supervising school clubs when students return to classes on Monday.

Incredibly hypocritical and cynical even by Ontario Liberal standards, isn't this a bit like killing your parents and pleading for mercy because you are an orphan?


  1. Broten seems to think that the way to gain the respect of the teachers is to treat them like serfs. All the bridges that Kathleen Wylie built between the teachers, provincial government, and the unions have been immolated by this tone deaf functionary whose main qualification for the job seems to be to play the part of a scold dealing with, in her eyes, ill-mannered children. She's more of a throwback to the Harris regime, and her incompetence attests to that. But this also seems to reflect Dalton McGuinty's own walking off the logical cliff with his dealing with provincial workers, coddling corporatism, and pushing austerity measures and then disappearing out the Queen's Park door,

  2. Well said, Neil. My fear is that, just as with Bob Rae's time in the Premier's office, McGuinty and his functionaries' reactionary tactics will make it easier for the next government to take even harsher measures against workers in general and unions in particular.