Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chief Bill Blair: No Apology, No Resignation

Having released a self-serving 70 page report reviewing the G20 Summit debacle, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has concluded he has nothing to apologize for and will not consider resigning. As reported in today's Star, despite a public opinion poll showing a dramatic drop in public support for police actions at the Summit, (2010- 72%) (2011 - 41%), the Chief seems content to talk about things that went right, such as protecting the perimeter fence, while ignoring the widespread violations of Charter Rights in the arrests of over 1100 protesters, promising only that kettling will not be used in the future.

Also absent from the report is any explanation for the obstructionist tactics employed by the police this past year in identifying offending officers, despite the plethora of video evidence submitted by citizens. The fact that only two officers have thus far been charged says a great deal to me about the Chief's 'commitment' to uncovering the identity of these renegades.

Despite the erosion of public trust in the police and despite the ongoing trauma of people who directly experienced last June's police-state actions, something positive emerged for Bill Blair - the opportunity to hone his political skills to the point where his public utterances match the platitudinous quality of the most seasoned of Queens Park or Parliament Hill veterans.

Clearly, should his police career suffer an unlikely reversal, a new one serving the people awaits him.


  1. Well, he wouldn't be the first asshole police chief to go into politics, now, would he.

    Good post except for one thing: these sadistic pricks clearly aren't "renegades." The evidence demonstrates pretty convincingly that they fit in just fine with the rest of the gang.

  2. Blair should resign. True.

    The Star buried the most damning statistics in the last paragraph. When surveyed people said they associated Disgust, Anger and Shame with the G20 events.

    That's a long way from serving and protecting our fundamental constitutional rights, and upholding the ideal of peace, order and good government.

    By the time it is all over there will be about two dozen more convictions of civilians than of cops. Nice job for $800 million.

    The cops, by their own behavior have completely undermined their own authority.


  3. Have you seen this further example of Blair's (unbelievable) incompetence?

    Hm. Can't do paste?

    Go to Creekside. Blair had never heard of 'kettling' before he saw it on Saturday. Via 'As It Happens'.