Tuesday, May 3, 2016

UPDATED: Taking On Sarah Palin's Idiocy

I would say Jimmy Kimmel does a pretty good job:

“I have a theory,” Kimmel said. “I think maybe Sarah Palin wants global warming. It’s cold in Alaska. It would be welcome up there. But, the idea that she knows more than 97 percent of scientists is offensive and dangerous. No matter what Sarah Palin and these geniuses she surrounds herself with try to tell you, climate change is not a liberal-versus-conservative thing.”

If anyone needs more convincing, well, there are always scenes like this:

Or these scenes from hell:


  1. Yes, Kimmel did a fine job on Palin. I wish I knew more about the dynamics of the RJ Reynolds campaign, especially what core of denialism about smoking they were able to maintain in the long run.

    Oh well, when Trump becomes president he can appoint Palin secretary of the EPA. - sigh

    1. Yes, Palin will do wonders for America's environmental record and its reputation, Mound.