Saturday, April 12, 2014

You Know Things Are Really Bad

...when even The Globe and Mail takes issue with its party of choice. In a blistering editorial entitled Harper Tories undermining democracy, to their own peril, the Globe attacks the 'Fair Elections Act and the attitude and deceit behind it, on a number of fronts. I hope you will take a few moments to read the entire piece. I will try to whet your appetite with the following excerpt:

...Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre this week told senators that Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand has been so critical of the Fair Elections Act because “he wants more power, a bigger budget and less accountability.” Yes, that is surely the reason.

It cannot be because the bill’s change to voter-identification rules threatens to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

Or that the bill introduces a campaign-spending loophole that eviscerates spending limits, and benefits the Conservative Party.

It could not be because the bill gives the winning party in each riding the power to name some of the officials who will oversee the next election.

It must not be the way the bill meddles with Elections Canada’s role in investigating or reporting on electoral irregularities.

It cannot be because, as a group of academics put it last month, the bill will “undermine the integrity of the Canadian electoral process, diminish the effectiveness of Elections Canada, reduce voting rights, expand the role of money in politics and foster partisan bias in election administration.”

No, the criticism must derive from the fact that the man charged with running fair and free elections is as partial, biased and self-interested as Mr. Poilievre.

The universal consensus of the bill, outside of the Conservative party and its supporters?


  1. .. Differential Diagnosis - Pierre Poilievre .. ..

    Apologies in advance re the highly critical observation & analysis
    of Harper 'light' contender n defender of a 'steal another election' .. 'Bill'

    P P appears to be.. just another Ezra Levant.. But elected! .. (The Horror)
    Possibly the creep who gleefully planted a pig's head,
    on a pike a la Lord o Flies, for all to see.. on the lawns of our Parliament

    Well, uh .. Welcome to Canada, eh .. ..
    and where pipsqueak prick Bravehearts like Poilievre are our new substitute
    for Vimy Vets, WW2 vets, Afghan Vets.. any vets
    and are ascendent over anyone.. ANYONE ..
    Even those who have served with distinction..

    Hell, that's Dem Mock Racy Harper style .. !!
    Like, uh .. what do Canadian voters have to do with this, anyway ??

    1. Ultimately, Salamander, it is all about them, isn't it? The party and its minions (yes, I consider Poilievre a mere minion, despite the legendary status he occupies in his own mind) are the living embodiment of Lord Acton's famous observation about the corrupting effects of power.