Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Pinocchio Effect

Those of us who have followed the machinations of the Harper regime over the years know that it is a rare occasion indeed when Stephen Harper tells the truth, either inside or outside the House of Commons. His capacity to convincingly dissemble, or effect what Stephen Colbert has called 'truthiness,' no doubt comes from long practice. Thursday's leaders' debate was no exception.

Happily, the alternative press rarely lets opportunities to correct the Harper record pass. Press Progress has compiled seven lies the prime minister uttered during that debate. Following is but of the seven, so please make sure you check out the link to see the full array of his prevarications.

The reality is Harper doesn't have a balanced budget.
On two separate occasions during the leaders debate, Stephen Harper claimed Canada has a balanced budget.

"We have a budget that is balanced now and other countries don't," Harper said, later explaining "the reality is the figures out of the Department of Finance show that so far this year we are substantially in surplus."

Unfortunately for Harper, the Finance Canada report he referenced only looks at April and May. Another report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer looks ahead and takes into account dire new projections for the Canadian economy released by the Bank of Canada.

The PBO's projection says Canada will not balance its budget and will run a deficit of $1 billion this year, meaning Harper will run his eighth deficit in a row.

In case you are interested, his other lies ranged from misrepresentations about environmental assessments to greenhouse gas emissions to the 'freedom' his backbenchers enjoy.

The man definitely has no shame.


  1. He doesn't even spew his propaganda rhetoric Lorne, he just bold face lies, about everything. It's amazing to watch and listen to. In part that is what his controlled, invitation only campaign is about. He can lie his head off and no one will call him to account. Like I said it's amazing to watch as he flies around the country telling more and more lies.Michael Harris was right, Harper is amoral. I would add that he is profoundly amoral.He's dropped any and all ethical boundries, if he ever had any to begin with. He really thinks he's going to get away with it. I'm sure we all have our favourite Harper lies, mine is the freedom his backbenchers enjoy.It's not so much, as has been said, that, "words don't mean much to Stephen Harper", but that the truth doesn't

    1. Harper's willingness to sacrifice any semblance of morality or truth on the altar of rabid partisanship is truly disturbing, Pamela. It would prove a real eye-opener for the larger public to realize this about him, if only the MSM were doing their job.

  2. There is no liar like an accomplished, liar, Lorne.

    1. Those who lie with such facility are often deemed sociopaths in the psychiatric world, Owen.