Saturday, August 15, 2015

About Those Diversions, Mr. Harper

H/t Raeside Cartoons

Meanwhile, always perspicacious Toronto Star readers will have none of it. Here is but a small sampling of their sentiments on Mr. Harper's diversionary tactics:
Re: Harper vows to end ‘terror tourism,’ Aug. 10

Travel restrictions to terrorist locations shouldn’t be election promises. When warranted I expect any government to take responsible precautions, including restricting travel to certain areas, more for the safety of the travelers than as a way to stop potential radicals.

It’s hardly worthy of be‎ing touted as a campaign plank, but I suppose the Conservatives have little else to run on. More and more though, the Conservative positions on security sound like a paranoid response from someone who runs and hides in a closet at the first hint of trouble.

Terry Kushnier, Scarborough

Life mirrors art. Stephen Harper unjustifiably presents terrorism as so threatening to Canadians that he must be kept in office to be our saviour. Remember the movie “Wag the Dog,” in which a film producer created a pretend narrative of real war threats in order to keep the incumbent U.S. president in power? It worked in the movie — let’s be aware and ensure it doesn’t work for Stephen Harper.

Linda Silver Dranoff, Toronto

If Stephen Harper had been a politician in the 1950s, his bogeymen to scare voters would have been those nefarious communists. Richard Nixon parlayed that type of fear mongering into a political career that launched him all the way to the White House. Once in power, Nixon would direct his people to undertake unethical retaliations against individuals and groups that disagreed with his ideology or who had pointed out mistakes or deceptions committed by his administration. Tax audits were one of his weapons.

In the end, his governments involvement in a scandalous illegal activity brought down a majority elected government. A lot of people knew the negatives about Nixon before he was elected to a second term. But, it took the release of the Nixon tapes to convince the rest of the U.S. electorate.

Wait a minute – in addition to our government’s cynical ploy of a tough on terrorism agenda, aren’t we seeing tax audits being used here in Canada against environmental and politically liberal charities? Don’t we have a chief of staff for the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada involved in a hush money payoff scandal? I don’t get it. Isn’t it our duty to learn from history?

Someone should have been taping the Harper administration.

Russell Pangborn, Keswick

Now we know who’s been spying on people through their baby cams. You gotta get to those terrorists while they’re still young eh Steve.
Harpers “Anti Terrorism Act” is just that — an act of desperation.

Richard Kadziewicz, Scarborough
Let us all hope, for the sake of our country, that such critical thinking is not confined to the pages of national newspapers.


  1. .. try as I may.. so far I have not met anyone who will admit to being a committed Harper fan or Conservative voter.. ie from the 'Base'. Of course some are evident via comments or Twitter & all seem to chant from the same verse same stance including of course the Adscam debacle and the NDP sattelite office imbroglio.

    As you point out via letters to editors etc, Harper detractors seem far more coherent & in touch with Canadian and worldly reality.. and quite diverse in their observations.. and hardly dogmatic or neccesarily partisan.. they are more watchful and waiting.. for real leadership & intelligent honest representation.

    Off topic slightly.. I had a guerilla thought the other day..
    If I wanted to blow holes in Harper attack ads, I would do the following..
    Take a copy of say, the 'not ready' or 'career politician' ads and carefully subtitle them with the actual names of the actors, the talent agency they are represented by and the ACTRA or non union rate they are paid for national level advertising & web use. I would also superimpose the name of the ad agency who produced the ads, the spprox production budget and the amount of the media buy ie if one of the ads cost 75,000 to produce & the media buy budget was 1.5 million overall including radio play versions. I've shot or directed most of those actors in corporate or educational productions by the way. Finally, I would upload the subtitled versions to an American or offshore web server for streaming or download and begin to feed mainstream and indy journos with the link for viewing, via Twitter, Facebook and other social media portals. I'm sure Anonymous would be glad to access the revised ads. I see this as a boomerang approach.. or to be even more crude.. in warfare its commonplace to throw grenades back at whomever threw them or recycle arrows and spears, ammunition, guns, even tanks and put them to use. Mainstream Media thrives on being spoonfed.. are always glad when someone essentially packages and delivers immediately useable 'news' or public service stuff. I guess you might say I see this as a public service

    1. An excellent idea, Salamander. One can't but think that there are those watching the ads who somehow forget it is all one big piece of propaganda.

      I was reading a piece in this morning's Star by Susan Delacourt that attests to their power:

      "This week, I tagged along with NDP candidate Jennifer Hollett as she did a morning-commute canvass in Toronto’s University-Rosedale riding. I lost count of the people who told her Trudeau was “just not ready” and cited his flimsy resumé as the reason they wouldn’t be voting for the Liberals."