Sunday, May 10, 2015

Oh, And Another Thing

Without doubt, some readers will be wearying of my seeming obsession with Omar Khadr. A good part of my interest in him over the past few years stems from the injustice with which he has been treated, given the flouting by both Canada and the U.S. of International human rights law as it pertains to the child soldier. The other part of my interest stems from the fact that Khadr has been a Rorschach test for the Harper government, revealing the latter's relentless meanspiritedness and willingness to sacrifice people for electoral power.

It is my hope, as stated previously, that the tide will begin to turn against the Harper regime as its mask slips away, given the public's opportunity to see and hear Khadr now that he has been released into his lawyer's custody.

If the following letters from The Globe and Mail are any indication, people are beginning to see beyond the stereotype of the 'terrorist' that Harper et al. have been promoting all these years:

Capacity for reform
Anyone who heard Omar Khadr’s comments to the media after being released on bail cannot help but be struck by the federal government’s doggedly vindictive response (‘Freedom Is Way Better Than I Thought’ – May 8). If the heart and soul of the Canadian penal system is truly rehabilitation, surely he is a good example of the human capacity for reform. Unless, of course, the government is committed to an ideological agenda from which it is unwilling to deviate, however compelling the evidence to the contrary.

Peter Laurie, Peterborough, Ont.


At last, the “convicted terrorist” Omar Khadr speaks. First, Prime Minister Stephen Harper muzzled the child, then he muzzled the man, but on Thursday Canadians were allowed to finally hear him for themselves. I am proud of Canada.

Robin Hannah, Toronto
Whether any of this has long-term efficacy will, of course, be put to the test in October.


  1. I share your interest in Omar Khadr Lorne and you write very well about him. Now that Omar is free to speak to anyone he wants , Canadians also would like to get to know him better. Also now that Harpers shackles have been removed, we will be able to judge for ourselves who this young man is rather then hearing Harpers lies and villification. Another thing Lorne is that Omar is some what of a testing stone. The more Canadians get to know who he really is, the more we'll get to know who Harper really is.

    1. "The more Canadians get to know who he really is, the more we'll get to know who Harper really is." I hope that is precisely what happens, Pamela, and that the new awareness is carried into our next election.