Monday, April 15, 2013

Conservative Attack Ad - UPDATED

I suspect many will agree that this ad says more about the Conservative Party behind it than it does about its subject:

UPDATE: This Star editorial provides some useful context for and analysis of this attack ad.


  1. Stephen Harper, the only real job he had was as a mail boy at Imperial Oil - a job given to him by his dad!

    Stephan Harper, he's in way over his head!

  2. You'll find no disagreement from me on your assessment of Harper, Anon.

  3. Completely aside from it being an attack ad, and its footage being used out of context, it is just so bad. Aesthetically its terrible. It is not well done or compelling and the last title reminds me of Tinkerbell, for heaven's sake. Its actually cringeworthy.

    1. I thought it had a very 'cheesy' quality too, Karen. And the mocking tone of the narrator, while unmistakable, is just too obvious to influence anyone but the feeble-minded.