Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Post Praising The Star

Most days, there is no dearth of topics upon which I could comment, but because I don't spend the entire day at the computer, I try to be selective. And although I have written many posts that involve praise for the Toronto Star, here goes another one.

Unlike any other paper I can think of, The Star's investigations get results, the latest arising from an investigative series they began last September on the Ontario College of Teachers, the body that regulates teachers in this province. That series uncovered the fact that teachers found guilty of some very serious offences were often still in the classroom, had not had their teaching certificates pulled, and their identities were being protected from public knowledge.

As a result of the legwork done by the newspaper, a review was conducted under retired justice Patrick LeSage. It was released yesterday,with the following results:

Both the provincial Education Ministry and the college have vowed to move quickly on the recommendations. Education Minister Laurel Broten is expected to introduce legislation that will, among other fixes, ensure teachers guilty of sexual misconduct lose their licences.

You can read the entire story here.

Although I am retired from the profession, I cringe every time I hear of misconduct by teachers, as it casts all educators in a very unfavorable light.

And so I rest a little easier, knowing The Star is on the job.

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