Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My CBC Letter Of Complaint

Although probably a futile effort, here is the letter of complaint that I have sent to the CBC ombudsman, The National, and CBC Audience Feedback regarding the Corporation's absolute failure to keep Canadians informed about the Health Canada's unwillingness to protect Canadians from tainted pharmaceuticals:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to complain about the abject failure of the CBC to inform Canadians on an issue that is a potential threat to both health and life. That issue recently emerged when The Toronto Star conducted an excellent investigative series into the lack of drug safety oversight being provided by Health Canada:

The investigation revolved around the agency's failure to hold generic drug manufacture Apotex to account for issues that resulted in several of their drugs being banned by the American Food and Drug Administration, which maintains a publicly accessible database to keep its citizens informed over drug investigations, recalls, etc. Health Canada refused to make this information public; Health Minister Rona Ambrose cited 'proprietary privacy issues.'

The Star investigation also uncovered the fact that Health Canada asked Apotex to suspend the importation of certain drugs, and the company refused. Again, no details as to the suspect drugs were released to the public.

This matter was taken up in the House of Commons, and as a result of the efforts of both the NDP and The Star, action has finally been taken, as reported in today's edition:

I am sure you would agree that this story is of national interest and significance. Yet as far as I can determine, on none of your platforms, be it radio, television, or Internet, has a word of this scandalous situation been uttered or printed.

This is behaviour totally unacceptable for Canada's national broadcaster.

I avidly await your explanation for this egregious failure to keep Canadians informed.


  1. CBC has pretty much crossed the floor, to pro-Harper. I was always a staunch supporter of CBC. Now, I have dumped all of their news outlets.

    Any institution supporting Harper, is most certainly on my enemy list.

    1. I wish I could disagree with you, Anon, but I can't. But they should be aware that appeasement never works.

  2. Lorne, Harper has already cut CBC funding. He rather fund Sun News. CBC is afraid to offend Harper regime. It is very unfortunate situation.

    1. Unfortunate, an perhaps irreversible, LD.

  3. A professor of mine used to tell students who he thought were engaging in self defeating behaviour 'You're only screwing yourself, Quixote'.

    But I figure that sometimes, as in the case here Lorne, it is necessary to screw Quixote.