Friday, July 25, 2014

Apologize, You Sleazy Bastard

The Geneva-based, International Commision of Jurists, has issued a written demand that Sideshow Steve Harper and his supposed justice minister, Peter MacKay, apologize to Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin for the drive-by smear job they tried to pull on her following the failure of their bid to seat Marc Nadon on the Supreme Court of Canada.

Not only was there no wrongdoing on the part of Justice McLachlin, they opined, but the Harper-MacKay tag team was an assault on the independence of our highest court.

“The ICJ considers that the criticism was not well-founded and amounted to an encroachment upon the independence of the judiciary and integrity of the Chief Justice,” the commission said in a letter from its headquarters in Geneva to Gerald Heckman, a University of Manitoba law professor who spearheaded the complaint.

It accepted Chief Justice McLachlin’s explanation, as expressed in a public reply from her office to the allegations of impropriety first made in April by the Prime Minister’s Office, that she had spoken to Mr. MacKay and her office had spoken to the Prime Minister's chief of staff, Ray Novak, only to alert them to a potential legal issue.

Unfortunately, the ICJ's stinging rebuke arrived in the midst of Canada's national nap time, the middle of the summer recess. Of course with a regime that regularly places itself above or at least outside the law the independence of the judiciary and integrity of the Chief Justice are of no great moment. Besides in the dark recesses of Harper’s mind, what actually happened is what he believes to have happened, not some foreigners’ opinions.

MoS, the Disaffected Lib

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  1. .. and hello Canada eh .. An iconic great land impossible to not recognize, aside from its ignorance based grandiose entitled sneering temporary political Brand.. the split tongued double reverse mormon Harper evangelical Brand.. run by Stevie from Toronto, our peerless western cowpoker, Ray Novak and hordes of lily livered dude rancher MP's, Shrinking red rose Ministers and their attendant spokewanks, lawyers and greasy PMO ranch hands

    Apologize you say.. ?

    We are talking about a humongous staggering slavering beast.. half herd, half mad cow and half prehistoric wooly mammoth... rabid, almost blind, completely stunned, stinking... careening about the countryside.. blathering to astounded media, barfing rotted fetid 'values' and dropping shitpiles of steaming Rapture based omnibus crap wherever it goes.

    Do distorted, diseased disaster creatures like this apologize?
    They function .. or pretend too.. as if on some damned Monty Python soundstage that appears to be Canada's Parliament Buildings

    You will never hear an apology to Canada, Canadians or its exemplars from this complicit collective abomination.. just the mealy and toxic utterings of the rental bureauwanks and spokescrank underlings.. the jackalpack that sleeps with, licks and primps the rabid mad deranged beast

    Expecting or requesting dignity, honesty, understanding or reflection from the slavering Harper Party beast? It is stumbling forward to oblivion, headlong to its toxic legacy buffalo jump..

    Just try to imagine some of these twisted entitled thugs reseated as Opposition hecklers.. which is all they deserve to be.. if that.