Monday, December 3, 2012

Harper Strategy Succeeding

Here's the proof.


  1. I never much liked the Progressive Conservative party although there were some MPs I truly did respect and I held no enmity to most PC supporters. The Harper Conservatives are a different story entirely. I despise the party, its Fuhrer and its MPs and Senators. I don't feel much better about those who vote for it either. Harper has divided and shamed the nation and those who support him are responsible.

  2. The capacity of the Harperites to divide the nation is stunning, Mound. Equally stunning is their absolute indifference to that fact.

  3. Get ready to defend The Charter.. and the extinguishing of The First Nations or their treaties.. or whichever is most convenient. Does anyone seriously think that's not on the agenda with possibly two or three or more potential omnibus 'budgets' at Mr Harper's disposal.

    Seemingly no mainstream media or 'popular' (riding level) opposition exists to the petro-parliamentary-evangelical-we walk or fly in F-35's, hand in hand with the dinosaurs government stampede to Israel, The Rapture.. and energy superstardom raving status.

    That's where Harper and Baird seem headed.. backed by zombie circus barkers and wanna be ringmasters Oliver, Mackay, Kent, Clement, Flaherty, Ashfield, Kenney.. and the dullard woofer beta dog/political-puppy peepshow operators like Poilievre, Van Loan, Del Mastro that are at different but progressive and accelerating stages of extinction. The political pine and dung beetles of our time.

    The entire lot.. sanctimonious twisted evangelical cliff jumpers hoping to make sure all the salmon, caribou, logger, miners, Haida elders, charities, scientists, naturalists, biologists get exterminated (Raptured) as well... to enhance the flow of oil and natural gas and any other natural resources to China .. the BC forests having paved the way ....

  4. All of your descriptive phrases of the Harperites with their blinkered 'vision' seem particularly apt, Salamander. Thanks for writing and helping to spread the word. I only wish that more people were infused with the kind of passion you obviously feel about our political 'masters.'