Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Trump Can Dish It Out

But can he take it?


  1. An excellent clip, Lorne -- which underscores the fact that Trump is a very small man.

    1. One hopes the message will reach those who really need to hear it, Owen.

  2. The trailer trash presidency. All that money and he surrounds himself with the gaudiest decor and furnishings money can buy, real Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos-grade. I can't see America recovering from its dysfunction while this buffoon remains in the White House - if ever.

    1. I had coffee with a friend of mine this morning, Mound, and I wondered the same thing: Can American democracy recover from this tawdry parody? Will future candidates have to promote infamy or embrace outlandish tactics?

  3. .. its to laugh.. or cry ..
    & it just gets stupider & stupider..

    I often harp about 'exemplars' - of course I do..
    but we are watching an American journey unfold
    to planet stupid.. planet corrupt .. planet ignorant
    Point me to an exemplar.. within the GOP
    or within the current White House retinue..
    Maybe there is one, among the maids or kitchen staff
    or the gardeners.. but not at the lunch or dinner table

    We are watching the headlong rush of an ignorant horde..
    In fact going in the opposite direction of exemplars

    There's little to say at this point.. just watch n see
    as North America falls - plunges to rock bottom
    the great buffalo jump, stampeding off the cliffs
    the high dive into an empty swimming pool
    a stroll through the quicksand..
    a brief swim in the everglades
    piloting a jet without taking on any fuel

    Pick a disaster analogy, you can't go wrong..

    1. As always, Sal, your imagery is spot on and evocative. The dystopian nature of American society often leaves me without words!